Falcon Zinc Metal Industries LLC

Falcon Zinc Metal Industries LLC is a specialized provider of Galvanization and Steel Fabrication and Painting services to local and overseas Clients. Our mission lies in providing the highest level of service in the field of galvanization and steel fabrication-cut this part out), with a particular focus on quality and HSE standards.

Falcon Zinc Metal Industry’s core competencies focus on utilizing state of the art Italian and German equipment along with experienced professionals in the field to provide clients with a unique customer experience of unparalleled quality in the GCC.

Sustainability and environmental protection is a major concern for Falcon Zinc Metal Industries. We have invested heavily in our recycling units, filtration systems and other environmental processes as a result.

The built-up area of the factory is …. with clearly designated areas for the process of galvanization and for the steel fabrication division. There is ample storage area available which enhances the efficiency of the factory and the ability to execute project effectively.

Sirio Impianti SRL, who is considered to be one of the market leading designer and plant manufacturing specialists in the world, has provided the full technical design, supply, delivery and installation of the galvanizing plant. It is designed to work 24 hours a day (two shifts) and capable of galvanizing 50,000 tons per annum. Nascon Engineering Limited executed the construction of the factory, while constantly liaising with Sirio, to the highest of standards.

Our Kettle is designed and supplied by W Pilling in Germany, the foremost supplier of Kettles globally, and has the following dimensions making it one of the largest in the Middle East:

  • Length: 14.5m
  • Wide: 1.6m
  • Depth: 2.7m


What is Galvanizing? - Check out HDG Process as explained by American Galvanizers Association
We provide complete solution on surface treatments on various types of steel structures related to industries like construction, oil and gas and marine products. WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES 1. BLASTING 2. COATINGS 3. QUALITY ASSURANCE AND CONTROL 4. PAINT MANUFACTURERS
Falcon Zinc Metal Industry LLC specializes in the provision of comprehensive galvanization solutions to its clients. Our state of the art facility, built to the highest of European and American standards, is geared towards providing clients with high quality service while never comprising our commitment…